Press cuttings

Are diners in Lebanon ready for our ‘pay what you think is fair’ philosophy? Does the name ‘Mótto’ symbolise coexistence in a fractured city? Are we attacking our co-restaurateurs for overpriced meals and poor service?

Mótto’s first two weeks have attracted interest from the local and international press… Which we guess means we must be doing something right. We’ve been delighted to welcome journalists and photographers:

Here’s what the media think so far:

Executive Magazine

Nabila at Executive Magazine gives the gossip on exactly how our business model works.

Daily Star
The Daily Star gave us our first review, and loved the food.

Lebanon’s Arabic language daily speculates on the symbolism of Mótto’s name.

Móh tells LBCI all about the ‘pay what you think is fair’ concept.

Al Sharq al Awsat
Al Sharq al Awsat thinks we are on to something, tapping into Lebanese generosity with our ‘pay what you think is fair’ ethos.

Al Hayat
Al Hayat has kind words about our concept and food.

A great review with quotes from Nimal and good wishes for our pay-what-you-think-is-fair scheme.

More coming soon, we hope!



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