Mótto meets Sapori Di Tery, Wednesday 6 August

For our first Italian meal at Mótto we wanted the kind of fresh, home cooking you can only get from a real Italian household.  And that’s exactly what our guest chef Isabella Baffa will be cooking up this week.

Isabella is the brains behind Sapori Di Tery.  When she visited us at Mótto we instantly fell in love with her spicy tomato pasta sauce, one of ten Sapori Di Tery sauces on sale via her Facebook page and at Souk al-Tayyeb.


Isabella has lived all her life in Lebanon, but both her parents are Italian.  “My mum used to cook a lot.  Our house was the kind of place where everyone would gather – a very Italian atmosphere.”

She says she could never understand why her mother (Tery, after whom the brand is named) always spent so long in the kitchen. “I grew up in a home where sauces simmering, cakes baking, food aromas all over the house, were part of my daily experience. Now I find myself doing the same, sharing food with love.”

After 17 years working in marketing, Isabella decided to follow her own passion for food, founding Sapori Di Tery in November 2013.  “Now I regularly cook not just for my son and his friends, but also for my friends, and at special events in Beirut, Fakra and around Lebanon.”

Isabella heard about Mótto by word of mouth on the stand at Souk al Tayyeb which she shares with Bread Basket Wheat Free Bakery (whose wheat-free cookies are also available at Mótto).

“I love the family feeling I got at Mótto.  It reminded me a bit of my mom welcoming friends, and me wecoming friends to my house.  I love that you leave the appreciation to the people when they eat with you. It felt very homey.”

So, what does Isabella have in store for our homey little restaurant on Wednesday?

Home made salty cakes, green salad… and then, the photos speak for themselves:

Isabella's aubergine pasta

Pollo alla troppea

Mouths watering, we ask what’s for dessert.  Isabella smiles.

“Let’s keep it a surprise, don’t you think?”

To book for ‘Mótto meets Sapori di Tery’ on 6 August, call +96170954057 or message us on Facebook.

You can find out more about Isabella’s delicious range of sauces, or book a cookery class with her, on the Sapori Di Tery Facebook page, or by calling her 03-201-009.  You can also try her eggplant sauce at Mótto on Wednesday.

Sapori Logo


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