BLACK coffee at Mótto

BLACK has landed at Mótto, with a totally new way to drink coffee in Beirut.


Our new BLACK pop-up will be serving concept coffees, green juices and seasonal breakfasts all day from 8am.

The BLACK concept is all about how their coffee is meant to be enjoyed: no milk and no sugar, just the taste of single origin beans. Fresh from the streets of London, it’s a totally new way to drink your coffee in Beirut.

BLACK is offering three speciality brewing methods: Aeropress, Pour Over and Cold Drip. All are brewed with single origin, ethically sourced beans from El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya or Ethiopia.


Danya and Philippa, the two ladies behind BLACK, are a little obsessed with good coffee and green juices. Join them for liquid sustenance and seasonal breakfasts from 8am-8pm every weekday and Saturday brunch, for the next two months.

On the menu for breakfast is:

– sourdough toast with a seasonal topping

– muesli with yogurt and honey

afternoon snacks:

– an assorted tray of nuts, seasonally fresh and dried fruits

– a selection of cakes

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contact BLACK at: /

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