Of brunch and love: a Saturday poem

Here is a poem about brunch and love, composed by the diversity of people at Mótto today. We were enjoying an incredible ‘Italian twist’ brunch by Lara.


Of brunch and love

Street life
Our space is your space
We arrive spaced out and dazed
by hangovers, sun and sea breeze
with space in our bellies and seeking
a quiet space with echoes
of distant laughter and the
clink of plates, street life
the first course arrives
to our great relief
bruschetta and tomatoes,
topped with basil leaf
our brains’ functions now improved,
by mimosas and coffee
our talk turns to love
a brunch philosophy
The second course arrives,
and to our delight
it’s a wonderful medley of
potatoes and courgettes and dill.
Life is good here as is the company.
The thing we love about brunch
is the thing we love about Beirut.

intimate turn in the finale stanza and course:
slip-herbe cranberries, die von der sprachlosen letzten Nacht erzählen.

Samedi matin, un Brunch tout droit sorti du jardin.
Une brise venue d’Italie balaye nos joues et nos popilles.

Food can make you happy!

Les pieds sur le pavé,
La tête dans son assiette
Un petit déjeuner aux ains de déjeuner
Commençons par un café
Finissons par un rosé
C’est l’heure du brunch
Avec lequel, en français,
Aucun mot ne rime.
Mot unique, moment unique.

Words of love transcribed by
a wonderful mixture of colours
and tastes into my plate

A lovely breeze on a Saturday
morning carrying whispers of
delights from Italy, England and Lebanon.
Beautiful smiles proving to us that Beirut will never die.
All I can do is utter satisfied.

Thank you.


Join us for next week’s brunch: menus on Facebook, or SMS +96170954057 to book. Pay what you think is fair for all our meals.


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