Salt, pepper, spices… And love: Indonesia’s national dish comes to Makan

This week Makan welcomes Ismail Darmin, chef of the Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon, with veteran guest chef Ana Nur for an extra special menu.

Ismail and Ana will bring to Beirut all the diversity and flavour of Indonesian cooking.  Ana says she’s excited to be back cooking for Makan/Mótto:

“I owe the restaurant big time for bringing food culture around the world to Lebanon including my own, Indonesia. A country that holds thousands of recipes rich with herbs and spices. Teaming up with Ismail in showcasing some of them makes my cooking experience more exciting.”

This week’s menu by Ana and Ismail features Nasi Tumpeng, cone shaped fragrant yellow rice, voted (out of 3,500 recipes) as Indonesia’s symbolic national dish. The cone shaped rice is a metaphor for volcanos in the Java and Bali mountains, which hold deep philosophical meaning and spirituality for the Indonesian people.

Nasi Tumpeng, Indonesia’s symbolic national dish

The menu (see below) also includes diverse side dishes, which represent Indonesia’s rich variety of culture and ethnicities, hence, Nasi Tumpeng represents how most Indonesians perceive life, balanced between religions and their diverse communities. 

But what’s Indonesian food really about? Chef Ismail explains:

“A pinch of salt, sprinkle of pepper, ample chilli, generous amount of spices, plus lots of love… That’s Indonesian food.”

Makan is pleased to partner with the Indonesian Embassy for this event. Indonesian Ambassador to Beirut, H.E. Achmad Chozin Chumaidy, told us:

“I am delighted that Ismail, the Embassy chef, is sharing Indonesian culture and cuisine with the people of Lebanon. Both our countries share strong food cultures and I am proud that Indonesian food is bringing people together in Beirut.”

Or, as Chef Ismail says, “Tasting Indonesian food is gonna be a tongue twisting experience… So be prepared.”

Ana shopping for Indonesian ingredients ready for her debut at Makan

Don’t miss Ana and Ismail’s collaboration, served in the garden of Makan. (Fear not – if Beirut is hit by an Indonesian style monsoon, Makan’s inside exhibition space will be transformed into a cosy dining area among the artworks.). The full menu is below. For bookings (or media enquiries), please contact +961-70-954057 – and stay tuned for any updates via the Motto/Makan Facebook event page. 


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