Syrian-Italian Fusion: it just works

Syrian chef Dima al-Chaar is cooking this Thursday to Saturday (25-28 November) at Motto.  She’s taking her penchant for great food with a twist to a whole new level, with an innovative Syrian-Italian fusion dinner.

Why does Syrian-Italian fusion work so well?  Dima explains:

“Both cuisines use similar ingredients, due to their geographical proximity. I focused on southern Italian cuisine, where they use more fresh and earthy products such as olive oil, vegetables, and more greens and herbs.”

Dima comes from a background in Italian cooking, having worked under a 2* Michelin chef in Buonanotte restaurant, Montreal, as well as at Guido & Angelina and Pasta Factory.  She’s also an enthusiast in her own time:

“I have done many cooking courses and wine tastings during my visits to Italy.  I spent two months in the Chianti region and had a great time tasting wine at a wine festival…”

You can tell that Dima really suffers for her art…

“In both Syrian and Italian cuisines there are similarities in many recipes,” Dima says.  “But the techniques and twists are different due to the different cultures.”

Not many chefs would be brave enough, or skilled enough, to meld the two – but we’re delighted that Dima has both the guts and the talent!  Join us this week for the ‘best of both worlds’ Syrian-Italian fusion menu at Motto.

To book, SMS +96170954047.  Like our Facebook page for all the updates.


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