Mr Nimal’s at Motto

Sri Lankan food on demand, every night!


Motto presents…


Mr Nimal’s!


Nimal’s food captured the hearts of Mar Mikhael in 2014, and his lunches and dinners at Makan still keep crowds coming back for more. To this day he’s served almost 10,000 Sri Lankan and Indian dinners since July 2014, more than any other chef at Motto or Makan.


Now it’s time for him to try a new approach. Mr Nimal’s will offer Sri Lankan set menus and an a la carte menu. Now you can pick exactly what you fancy for dinner!


if it’s not spicy, it’s not worth eating
 – Mr Nimal


Order chutneys, pickles, breads, salads – and of course curries, kottu roti and biryanis (Nimal’s personal favourite!) Plenty for vegans and vegetarians guaranteed. Nimal says if it’s not spicy, it’s not worth eating – but he cooks at varying levels of spice so everyone can find something to enjoy.


Nimal is a man of few words, but great care. Everything he does is timed, planned and executed to perfection.


I like it when people come, when they all eat, when they are happy. Then I’m happy too.
– Mr Nimal
Come, eat, be happy… and make Mr Nimal a happy man.


Mr Nimal’s opens Tuesday-Saturday, 8-11pm. Bookings via SMS/Whatsapp on +96170954057.


Mr Nimal’s is the latest concept in the ‘Make Me Motto’ chef incubator programme. To make your restaurant dream come true too, contact Karim on +96170954057.



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