Mr Nimal’s at Motto

Sri Lankan food on demand, every night!   Motto presents…   Mr Nimal’s!   Nimal’s food captured the hearts of Mar Mikhael in 2014, and his lunches and dinners at Makan still keep crowds coming back for more. To this day he’s served almost 10,000 Sri Lankan and Indian dinners since July 2014, more than […]

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Syrian-Italian Fusion: it just works

Syrian chef Dima al-Chaar is cooking this Thursday to Saturday (25-28 November) at Motto.  She’s taking her penchant for great food with a twist to a whole new level, with an innovative Syrian-Italian fusion dinner. Why does Syrian-Italian fusion work so well?  Dima explains: “Both cuisines use similar ingredients, due to their geographical proximity. I focused […]

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Salt, pepper, spices… And love: Indonesia’s national dish comes to Makan

This week Makan welcomes Ismail Darmin, chef of the Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon, with veteran guest chef Ana Nur for an extra special menu. Ismail and Ana will bring to Beirut all the diversity and flavour of Indonesian cooking.  Ana says she’s excited to be back cooking for Makan/Mótto: “I owe the restaurant big time […]

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